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Thank a Baby Boomer for the Tummy Tuck

April 23rd, 2023

You can thank the baby boomers for plastic surgery and the tummy tuck which allows women to continue looking great even after they have a baby.

You can thank the war for reconstructive surgery and the baby boomers for plastic surgery. Reconstructive surgery may have developed largely in response to the need to help soldiers injured and maimed in the war but plastics didn’t become a mainstream event until the baby boomers took the lead in the 1970′s and 1980′s to pull the brakes on the notion of aging in anything less than a graceful style. But left on its own it’s doubtful that the full blown world of cosmetic procedures we take for granted today would ever have developed in the mass popularity that they enjoy today.

In other words the baby boomers were not going to go quietly into the dark night as their parents had done and their parents before them had done. Liposuction, the tummy tuck, breast augmentation and other ground breaking cosmetic surgeries were introduced and embraced by a culture that saw no reason to grow old.

Today, the legacy of the baby boomers lives on with these ground breaking cosmetic procedures even more technologically advanced and safe as the wrinkles and blemishes in the system are perfected.

The tummy tuck is probably the most embraced cosmetic procedure in existence by women in their forties who are marking the new generation of first time mom’s. Becoming a mother at forty was not common place twenty years ago but today with medical advancements it is both common and accepted.

And while motherhood is safer for women past thirty the body of a woman in this age can’t bounce back as easily from a pregnancy without some help from cosmetic surgery specifically a tummy tuck. The tummy tuck is safer today than when it originated with fewer complications. The ideal candidate for a tuck is generally a person who is in good overall health and has lost a massive amount of weight such as would be expected from having a baby and now has an extra bit of muffin top over the top of their pants.

You don’t have to be in poor shape or even overweight to need a mini tummy tuck or a full tuck. The weakened abdominal walls from a pregnancy can be hard to tighten up with just exercise alone especially if you’re older. If you don’t have a lot of muffin top to tuck you may only need a mini tuck which is considered a less invasive surgery than a full blown tuck and generally leaves a smaller scar since the incision is also smaller and easier to conceal.

If you are tired of trying to retighten that flab of skin and some fat that makes your otherwise flat belly look less than flat- consult your plastic surgeon about your options to get your body back. And don’t forget to thank a baby boomer for their part in ensuring that future